'So Wassup?’ Episode 59 Featuring Jadakiss's 'None Of Y’all Betta'

'So Wassup?’ Episode 59 Featuring Jadakiss's 'None Of Y’all Betta'

In the realms of hip-hop and record production, certain names are synonymous with innovation, quality, and cultural impact. One such name is DJ Premier, whose beats have not just defined eras but have also served as the backbone for tracks that are considered timeless classics today.

In an effort to provide an insight into the creative genius behind these iconic productions, DJ Premier, alongside Ian Schwartzman, gave birth to "So Wassup?," a video series that delves deep into the memories, moments, and methodologies involved in creating some of DJ Premier’s most revered works.

The series recently celebrated the release of its 59th episode, shining a spotlight on the unforgettable track "None Of Y’all Betta" featuring Jadakiss. This episode is a treasure trove for fans and aspiring musicians alike, as it demystifies the creative process of one of hip-hop's stalwarts in collaboration with one of the genre's most potent lyricists.

"So Wassup?" isn't just a trip down memory lane. It's an educational series, packed with anecdotes, technical insights, and the kind of wisdom that can only be accumulated through years of being at the forefront of music production. Episode 59 isn't just special because it features Jadakiss’s "None Of Y’all Betta," but because it also offers a rare glimpse into the synergy between a producer and artist at their creative zenith.

DJ Premier’s recounting of the studio sessions, the decision-making behind the beats, and the sampling choices, alongside Ian Schwartzman's compelling presentation, makes each episode of "So Wassup?" a compact masterclass. As we journey through the series, each episode unfolds a new chapter in hip-hop history, showing us the layers and complexities involved in the making of each track.

The legacy of "None Of Y’all Betta" is not just preserved through its undying relevance and popularity but is now further immortalized through this episode of "So Wassup?" Future generations of artists and producers stand to learn not just about the technicalities of music production but also about the spirit of collaboration, the importance of cultural context, and the unyielded passion for music that drives icons like DJ Premier and Jadakiss.

As "So Wassup?" continues to unveil the stories behind DJ Premier’s hit productions, the series is evolving into a significant archive of hip-hop history and production folklore. For fans, aspiring artists, and anyone intrigued by the magic of music production, Episode 59 featuring "None Of Y’all Betta" is a compelling watch that promises to enrich, educate, and entertain.

In conclusion, "So Wassup?" is more than just a series; it's a growing legacy, a collection of lessons, and a beacon for anyone who believes in the power of music to transcend time and space. The 59th episode is a testament to DJ Premier and Jadakiss's contributions to this powerful legacy and an invitation for us to experience the magic behind the music.

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